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The Benefits of utilizing services

The Racine County Opportunity Center  is committed to serving (RCOC) local business and assisting in creating a more diversified workplace. There are many benefits to contracting employment services with RCOC.

  • Assumes and acts as employer of record.
  • Ensures that all staffing needs are met.
  • Staff trains new staff reducing staff turn-over rates.
  • RCOC assumes all worker compensation liability and unemployment compensation.
  • Assist in diversifying the workplace
  • Assists  and ensures that employers are incompliance with the Rehabilitation Act

These are just a few benefits to contracting with the RCOC for your business needs.

Let us save your business money and valuable time.

Janitorial  & Custodial Services

The Racine County Opportunity Center’s Community Placement Program has been a part of the Racine and Kenosha Community, providing custodial care to local employers for many years. RCOC is can assist your local business in creating productive solutions at a competitive price. These contractual agreements create valuable work opportunities and training for persons with special needs by allowing them to train in a competitive work environment, and prepare to work independently in a competitive environment.

Dish Washing & Kitchen Utility Services

RCOC has been committed to assisting large food service companies in their dish rooms providing opportunity in a food service environment.  These opportunities also create a supported integrated work environment for individuals to train in a competitive work environment. These opportunities provide training for the consumer to learn how to keep up with pace and demands of the workplace, communicate and build soft skills, take the responsibility of maintaining a work schedule, and learning the expectations of work place.

These are just a few of the skills each participant will learn with the community placement program while earning a wage.