Racine County Opportunity Center Inc. ( RCOC)     

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Sereving People with  Special  Needs

If You Have a Concern...

Any child between the ages of birth up to three years old may be eligible for Birth to Three Services.

  To be eligible, a child must have a 25% delay in one of the areas of development.  This is determined through an evaluation conducted by our team of specialists.

 In addition, if a child has a specified diagnosed condition: such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, chromosomal abnormalities...

If you think your child could benefit from Birth to Three services, contact:

Single Point of Referral        Phone Number 262-638-7720

You will need to provide the following information:

• Child's Name & Date of Birth

• Parent/Caregiver Name

• Phone Number

• Home Address

Areas of Development Looked at...

gross motor

fine motor




***However, if your child is 2 yrs, 9 mos., then please contact Racine Unified School to refer your child to the Early Education Program.  They evaluate and service children 3-5 years.


What to Expect Once you Make a Referral...

Once RCOC receives the referral, a service coordinator will contact you to set up an intake appointment. 

Intake appointment: discuss set concerns

complete Ages & Stages - tool to determine set levels

discuss daily routine of the family

sign necessary paperwork to move forward

Service Coordinator will then send for a prescription from pediatrician

Once the prescription is received by RCOC;

Therapist(s)/Teacher will call to schedule evaluation at your home

The team will determine if your child is eligible for the program

If eligible, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting will be competed - at this meeting we will discuss family's priorities and develop goals around the child/family and develop intervention plan.

After the IFSP meeting is complete, the therapist(s)/teacher will initiate intervention - focus of the sessions will be on child/parent interaction and how best to improve everyday function.

Please remember, your Service Coordinator is always there to help you along your journey.

Eligibility for Services:

Eligibility for Birth to Three services is not affected by the family's income: however, parent may need to contribute on a cost share basis.  Services and supports a child and family receive are based on individual needs.