Racine County Opportunity Center Inc. ( RCOC)     

Creating Opportunity for Life's Potential through Learning and Living               


Sereving People with  Special  Needs

Our Management and Support Team

Supporting Staff and Family's through Respect and Commitment to individual needs.  

Sheryl Hamilton

Daycare Administrator
Sheryl Hamilton is a UW Whitewater graduate with a Master's Degree in Communicative Disorders.  She has 20+ years experience working with the pediatric population.  She has been with RCOC as both a speech/feeding therapist and for the past 15 years as the supervisor of the Birth to Three program.  In 2011, Sheryl became the administrator of The Nestling Place and in 2015 the Executive Director of RCOC.

Michelle Beegle

Daycare Director
In April 2012 Michelle has been with RCOC since April 2012 in a dual role as the director of The Nestling Place Childcare Center and a billing coordinator for Birth to Three.  Michelle is a 2013 alumni from Whitewater with a Bachelors in Early Education and Special Needs and a minor in business.  She has a total of 15 plus years working with children in the field,including children with special needs of her own.  She is certified in CPR/AED/first aid, SIDS, and SBS and is a Level 14 on the registry.

Tiffany Hollimon

Daycare Supervisor
Tiffany joined our team in fall of 2016.  She has many years experience in the field as a teacher and an assistant director.  She has an associates in Early Childcare and is currently working on her Business degree.  She is a Level 12 on the registry and is certified in CPR/AED, SIDS and SBS.  She looks forward to growing with us as she supports the family's and staff at TNP.

Meet Our Daycare Team

Meet our Ladybug Room Teacher!

Michelle has been working in the field for 15 plus years.  She has her associates in Early Childcare and is a level 12 on the Registry.  She understands child development and the importance of offering activities that help children progress to the next milestone.  She offers flexibility in feeding and sleeping schedules and believes strongly in allowing the children to lead their own schedule while honoring the parents wishes.  

She is certified in CPR/AED/first aid, SIDS, and SBS and has her infant/toddler requirement.

Meet our Ladybug Room Assistant!

Danielle comes to us with some years of experience and has a wide variety of early childcare workshops and classes.  She is very outgoing, and where Michelle is quiet and reserved, Danielle is out-going and social...the perfect ying/yang for our littlest clients and families.

Danielle currently has SIDS/SBS and her CPR/AED certifications.

Meet our Butterfly Room Teacher!

Jordyn started with TNP in February of 2016.  Parents love her enthusiasm and energy that she brings to the classroom, and the children love how she gets down at their level to play and explore.  Jordyn is attending Gateway College in Racine for her Associates Degree in Early Childhoold Education.

She is certified in CPR/AED/first aid, SIDS, and SBS.  She is a Level 7 on the Registry and certified in infant/toddler care.

Meet our Butterfly Room Assistant!

Tora has been with us since July 2016.  She has several years working with children through other childcare centers and volunteer opportunities.  Tora grew up surrounded by the love and compassion of a childcare teacher as her mother has been in the profession for years.  She's known from little on that she would follow in her mother's path, but carve her own path as well by bringing a sense of calm to the children and families she serves.  She looks forward to working with our TNP family's!

Meet the Firefly Room Teacher!

Shawn has her Associates in Elementary Education and has worked as a teacher for the past 20 years.  She has a passion for the care of our children and advocates for both them and their families.  She leads several of our programs at TNP including Week of the Young Child and our Holiday Program.

She is certified in CPR/AED/first aid, SIDS, and SBS and has her infant/toddler requirment. She is a level 12 on the registry.

Meet the Caterpillar Teacher!

Kayla and has been with The Nestling Place since October 2014. She has recently changed her major to early childhood development and has experience in the taking care of children.  She has two children of her own.  Kayla states "I like working with children because they are so funny and when they learn something new they get the biggest smile on there face. Most importantly I just like watching them grow."

She is certified in CPR/AED/first aid, SIDS, and SBS.   She is currently a Level 7 on the registry                                                             and is certified in infant/toddler care.

Meet the Caterpillar Assistant!

Abi started with us in 2017 after a few year experience in the field.  She is currently going to school and working on her Associates in Early Childcare.  She is a level 7 on the Wisconsin Registry and has her SIDS, SBS and CPR/AED certifications.  Abi and Kayla make a fantastic two year old teaching team that observes parent wishes with potty training to keep things consistent between home and school.  They also offer great activities daily that promote growth in all areas of development.

Meet our Honeybee Room Teacher!

Kayla started with us in 2018 after moving to Wisconsin from Michigan.  She is a level 12 on the Wisconsin Registry and has three children of her own.  She is certified in SBS/SIDS and CPR/AED.  Kayla has had previous experiences working in a five star child care center as a preschool teacher and works passionately on routine and curriculum to help our preschoolers become kindergarten ready!

Meet the Honeybee Room Assistant!

Zany is currently going to school for her bachelors in teaching and has been with us for a year now.  She loves to provide that individual attention that the preschoolers seek in a positive and fun manner.  Zany has a natural understanding of children and their individual needs and applies natural strategies to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Zany has her teaching certificates and is certified in SBS/SIDS, CPR/AED and is a level 4 on the Registry.  

Meet our Dragonfly Teachers!

Aly is a current student at the University of Whitewater and is studying for her Bachelors in Early Childcare and Special Needs.  She plans on graduating in Winter of 2019.  She is excited to be working with the schoolagers and is looking forward to an adventurous summer program!

Theresa comes to us with 25 plus years experience in the field.  She has her associates in early childcare as well as training in SBS, SIDS, and CPR/AED.  She is looking forward to offering an exciting curriculum in the summer that would include field trips, special guest speakers and STEAM programming.

Meet our Kitchen Crew!

Most recently, we hired a cook to meet the growing needs of our daycare.  Mary comes to us with many years working with kitchens and CACFP/USDA guidelines to provide healthy choices to our children.  She has been part of our family for many years because her grandson has grown with our program.

TNP partners with the Community Placement Program  by providing individuals the opportunity to gain experience and food service skills through training programs offered in our kitchen.  For more information, click here.