Creating Opportunity for Life's Potential through Learning and Living               


Sereving People with  Special  Needs

Racine County Opportunity Center Inc.

Wish List

Thank you in advance for considering a donation to our agency. The wish lists below are divided by each program. If you are able to provide items off of the wish list please contact the individuals contacts listed under the wish lists.

Community Placement Program

Cleaning Products

New Vacuum Cleaners

New Computers /New Laptops

New Printers/ Scanners

New Brooms/ Dust Pans

James Stanfield Job Training Library

 (set of instructional DVDs)        

Grabbers (used to pick up trash)

Rubbermaid Cleaning Carts

Contact: Jamie Dieter

Phone: (262) 554-8662 Ext.209

Email: [email protected]

The Nestling Place


Baby Blankets

Gently Used Towels

Batteries AA or AAA

Board books

Shaving cream

Clean Sand

Hot Wheels

Gently Worn Clothes

Contact: Michelle Beegle

Phone: (262) 515-2427

Email: [email protected]

Child Development Unit

Washable Markers

Stamp Pads/Stamps



Gently used Adaptive Equipment

Board Books

Contact: Sheryl Hamilton

Phone: (262) 554-5006

Email: [email protected]