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Birth to Three Resources

RCOC is a contracted provider for the Birth to Three program in Racine County. The following is the link to the State Birth to Three website. This website provides valuable information regarding policies/procedures along with family education articles.

State Birth to Three Website

The homepage for the State Birth to Three program.

Early Intervention Resources:

Birth to 3 Program: Why is Early Intervention Important?

Birth to 3 Program: Why is a Natural Environment Important?

Do you have a young child with a delay or disability? The Birth to Three Program is here to support you.

While families face uncertainties during the COVID-19 pandemic, young children with delays or disabilities are still in need of support. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Birth to Three Program is here to support children and their families through this public health emergency. The Birth to Three program strives to help children grow and learn to their fullest potential. Families of children with developmental delays or disabilities under the age of 3 can get support and services from the program.

DHS and local county Birth to Three Programs are able to adapt supports and services to the unique challenges each family and community is facing. Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) teams and families work together to find the best way to stay in touch during this time. When in-person contact isn't possible, services are delivered over the phone and through online video applications and platforms. Everyone works to make sure children get the support and services they need at all times.

If you believe your child has a delay or disability, or has been diagnosed with one, contact us for help.

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