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Community Guidance Program

Engagement with a difference.

Changing the vision of Employment and Independent living.

Providing Community based solutions and resources that support the needs of current and

future individuals and families in the community

Looking for a way to giveback to our program? Below is our wish list for the Community Guidance Program! If you are able to provide any items please reach out to the contact listed.

Cleaning Products

New Vacuum Cleaners

New Computers /New Laptops

New Printers/ Scanners

New Brooms/ Dust Pans

James Stanfield Job Training Library

(set of instructional DVDs)

Grabbers (used to pick up trash)

Rubbermaid Cleaning Carts

Contact: Jamie Dieter

Phone: (262) 554-8662 Ext.209


Hands of Opportunity Community Guidance Program & Vocational Services is committed to assisting individuals with special needs and barriers to gaining and maintaining employment. Our team of Employment Professionals are available to assist in all areas of employment. This may include preparing for employment, seeking employment and retaining employment.

Hands of Opportunity Community Guidance Program & Vocational Services is contracted with the Workforce Development Center Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and several Managed Care Organizations (MCO). The Racine County Opportunity Center (RCOC) prides itself on providing individualized services helping youth and adults develop practical employment skills.

Our Vocational Professionals are trained in providing Supported Employment Services, Customized Employment Services, and Long-Term Support in the workplace. We offer the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be successful in achieving Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE).

Our mission is to provide this training in the most integrated setting possible and

we do not support sheltered employment.

Our Vocational Professionals work with people to evaluate personal strengths and match them with employment opportunities that meet their goals. Individualized employment plans are developed and may include a variety of support services aimed at ensuring employment success in the community.

How can we help?

Contact us today!

Manager of Youth & Adult Services


Phone: (262) 554-8662 Ext 209

Follow Our Facebook Page!

The Community Placement Program has recently launched a Facebook Page that will be geared towards sharing the events taking place with the program, and sharing tips and tricks about preparing for employment. In addition to this the page hopes to educate the community about diversifying the workplace and educating others about disability and inclusion in the competitive workforce.

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