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"6 years and counting. Staff feels like family, the kids don't want to leave at the end of the day. Creating memories that will last a lifetime makes it easier to go to work every day. "

-Mother of Three, Child Development Center

"The therapists were so kind, and provided services in the comfort and familiarity of our own home..."

We are so thankful for the professionalism, patience, and passion of all of the personnel, and recognize that Gabby would not have made the strides, and become the capable young lady that she is today, without the gifts of this great organization."

"It was an awesome experience. Not only did the nurse and I look forward to the home visits but so did my daughter."

"The therapists were very professional and explained the therapies they were doing, how they would benefit my daughter, and showed the nurse and I how we could do the therapies with my daughter. In no time my daughter was showing great strides with her therapies."

"I just can't thank all of the Birth-3 therapists my daughter had, enough."

"The Racine Birth to Three program is hands down the BEST!  Avery's amazingness and progress today is due to the things we've learned throughout the years of the program.  The incredible work of this rockstar of a person right here is one of the main reasons our miracle is as advanced as she is today!  For that we are eternally grateful!

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