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Sereving People with  Special  Needs

Child Development Resources

RCOC is a contracted provider for the Birth to Three program in Racine County.  The following is the link to the State Birth to Three website. This website provides valuable information regarding policies/procedures along with family education articles.

State Birth to Three Website

The homepage for the State Birth to Three program.


Need suggestions for Christmas/Holiday toys for your children...

60+ holiday gift ideas that boost brain development. 

Every child goes through development on an individual basis.  However, there are general guidelines that the majority of children follow - the link below will give you a guide of what a child should do at each age range.


Toys for Children with Special Needs

At times, parents/caregivers have a difficult time knowing what types of toys work best if their child has any type of disability/set concerns. The link below is an excellent resource for ideas for toys for children of varying ages/abilities.


then go to Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids


Children's Long-Term Support

There are various programs (Family Support/Katie Beckett/Autism Waiver) that a family can apply for through the following website:



Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Southeast Regional Center

The Center is housed at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, but provides various services:i

information/referral        family resource center            support groups database           training/workshops

information on medical home         online library...


Wisconsin First Step

To find resources for children with disabilities or special needs...


Developmental Disabilities Information Service, INC.

A private, non-profit agency serving adults and children in Southeast Region of WI what are diagnosed with a developmental delay.