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Child Development Resources

RCOC is a contracted provider for the Birth to Three program in Racine County. The following is the link to the State Birth to Three website. This website provides valuable information regarding policies/procedures along with family education articles.

State Birth to Three Website

The homepage for the State Birth to Three program.

Every child goes through development on an individual basis. However, there are general guidelines that the majority of children follow - the link below will give you a guide of what a child should do at each age range.

Toys for Children with Special Needs

At times, parents/caregivers have a difficult time knowing what types of toys work best if their child has any type of disability/set concerns. The link below is an excellent resource for ideas for toys for children of varying ages/abilities.

then go to Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids

Children's Long-Term Support

There are various programs (Family Support/Katie Beckett/Autism Waiver) that a family can apply for through the following website:

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Southeast Regional Center

The Center is housed at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, but provides various services:i

information/referral         family resource center             support groups database            training/workshops

information on medical home online library...

Wisconsin First Step

To find resources for children with disabilities or special needs...

Developmental Disabilities Information Service, INC.

A private, non-profit agency serving adults and children in Southeast Region of WI what are diagnosed with a developmental delay.

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