Racine County Opportunity Center Inc. ( RCOC)     

Creating Opportunity for Life's Potential through Learning and Living               


Sereving People with  Special  Needs



Ladybug Room

Our Ladybug Room is licensed for birth to age two years, with our focus being our tiniest clients-babies.  Our focus is not only on the child, but the family as a whole as we meet the every day needs of our infants while staying as true and consistent to the parents schedule and wishes.   We recognize it's not easy to leave your child in the hands of someone else, but we provide a safe and loving environment while nurturing your child to meet their next developmental goal.

We recognize that all family's are different, from breast milk to formula, cloth diapers to disposable, organic home made baby food to store bought food...we are open to all family's differences.  


Butterfly Room

Our Butterfly Room is licensed for children age 6 months to age two, with the focus being on our slightly older infants.  Our focus in this room is mostly on sensory, large motor, fine motor growth, and communication growth.  Opportunities and experiences are provided in the classroom as the children explore their environment and the world around them through their day to day activities.  Learning activities are embedded directly into the environment, so even in play the children continue to learn.


Firefly Room

Licensed from ages 18 months to three, our children will thrive from the many sensory, cognitive, social, and speech opportunities embedded into their every day schedule.  Two year olds are full of curious energy as they continue to explore and learn about their environment.   We believe in embedding learning directly in their environment with the guidance of the Creative Curriculum as children learn through play.  Our main focus is on play, self help skills, and increasing communication.  We don't stop there though, we continue to focus on all areas of development as we meet each child at their individual levels.


Caterpillar Room

Our Caterpillar room is licensed for ages two years to four years, with our main focus on older two's.  Older twos continue to learn about the world around them, but more importantly, they are becoming aware of their peers.  Hence, our main focus is on socialization and increasing communication skills to enhance play experiences with their peers.  Potty training?  No problem.  We work with parents to stay consistent with what the parents are doing at home while focusing on the child and guiding them to increase their self-help skills.  We continue to focus on academic skills throughout the environment as well as we prepare your child for their upcoming preschool years.


Honeybee Room

With a structured schedule throughout the day, we prepare our three and four year olds for their upcoming school years.  We continue to use the Creative Curriculum as our guidance to do so, and embed important learning opportunities in their environment and through large group and small group activities.  Our teachers focus on many of the pre-kindergarten skills, including name recognition number and letter recognition, and early math, science, and literacy skills.  However, we believe that the most important skills in these early years are social and emotional skills.  We use tucker turtle and other techniques to help children recognize emotions and problem solve conflicts with one another.


Dragonfly Room

During the school year we offer before and after school programming as well as childcare for school days off.  Upon request, we work on homework with the children and help them burn off some of that extra energy before going home.

Throughout the year, we focus on the social and emotional growth of the children, helping them work out conflicts with on another through creative problem solving and recognizing and handling emotions.  We use Wisconsin's After School Curriculum developed by the UW School Systems which focuses on service projects, STEM learning, and learning about diversity through individual, small and large group activities.  More importantly, we work with the parents and use current IEPs in place through the school systems to help the children succeed.


Family Fun Events and Field Trips

The Nestling Place offers annual events for families to participate in.  Our events include a Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration, a summer picnic, and celebrating the holidays by participating in the Shoe box drive and a visit from Santa.

We offer several field trips throughout the year as well that parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in.  Field trips include Jerry Smith's Pumpkin Farm in the fall and Racine Zoo and Captain's Cove Park in the summer.