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Sereving People with  Special  Needs

Racine County Opportunity Center

Community Placement Program

Supported Employment Program

Research consistently proves that Individuals with Disabilities learn and work more effectively when encouraged to function independently within the mainstream of Community Life rather than when sheltered from it.RCOC’s Community Placement Program substantiates those findings. People with either Developmental and/or Physical Disabilities, with proper support and training are able to learn job skills to become competitively employed. The Community Placement Program provides Job Development and Coaching, as well as other Support Services that may be necessary for this success.


The Racine County Opportunity Center understands that each individual participant possess interests, strengths, and barriers. When the proper supports and work environment are taken into consideration, individual goals can be met and competitive employment can be achieved. RCOC prides itself in engaging participants in a variety of employment settings that are centralized and point in the direction of Competitive Employment.


As an individual prepares for employment it is important to seek every aspect of opportunity to gain experience, references, and a feeling of acceptance and purpose. Volunteering is a huge part of the Racine County Opportunity Center and we prove ourselves in giving back to the community. Providing this opportunity to participants as well as educating employers about individuals with disabilities links to employment opportunities. These opportunities are the best sceneries for teaching employability skills and developing networks.


RCOC also offers employment readiness courses on site in order to continue toward the preparation of competitive employment. These courses address may subjects; a few main subjects may include:


Employer Expectations

Soft Skills

Employment Safety

Interviewing skills/ Preparation

Dressing to achieve success

Career Exploration

Resume Development


RCOC has many new opportunities available, including involvement within the janitorial sector, food service training, and supported integrated employment opportunities These may be offered and/or available on a limited basis. The Racine County Opportunity Center prides itself upon providing individualized services that are committed to assisting individuals and working towards competitive employment. If you have questions please feel free to contact:

Jamie Dieter, M.S., CRC

Manager of Vocational Services

(262) 554-8662 Ext. 209

[email protected]


Community Placement Program Eligibility

 Individuals Participants fit the following criteria:


1. An adult (18 + years old) with a disabilities.

2. Have funding through a Managed Care Organization (Community Care/ Family Care), IRIS, or Private Pay.

3. Able to pass a background check depending upon the requirements of contracted employer expectations.

How to become eligible for Per-Vocational Services

For more information about long-term care options available to you, contact your county's Aging & Disability Resource Center. The Resource Center can also assist you with information about eligibility and enrollment.

Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Racine County

Call: 262-833-8777

Toll Free :866-219-1043 

Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Kenosha County

Call: 262-605-6646 
Toll Free: 1-800-472-8008